Post-operative Instructions for Excision Surgery


1. Wash hands with antibacterial soap before beginning wound care. Remove the pressure bandage the 24-48 hours after surgery. Apply Vaseline ointment over the counter with a Q-tip and/or gauze; cover with a clean band-aid 2-3 times daily UNTIL SUTURES OR STAPLES ARE REMOVED. The surgical area can get wet, unless otherwise directed. We recommend that you avoid direct water pressure on the surgical site during the healing process. Important: Keep the area moist with ointment and covered at all times. Keeping the surgical site moist and covered will help to prevent scab formation.

2. Wipe area with hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip twice a day before applying ointment.


1. Leave bandage in place for 24-48 hours then remove bandage.

2. Leave Steri-strips in place and slowly trim back as they peel off.

3. Gently wash area with soap and water, DO NOT SCRUB.


1. For 2 days following surgery: No smoking, no ingestion of alcohol, no aspirin (unless prescribed as part of a cardiac or stroke regimen). Take only Tylenol (acetaminophen)  or NSAIDS ( Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Ibuprofen) for discomfort. Any blood-thinner or anticoagulation medication you regularly take should be continued at your prescribing doctor's discretion. If you are on blood thinners I recommend buying over the counter would seal powder in case of bleeding. If you have any bleeding please apply pressure for 15 minutes to the site and if still bleeding apply wound seal powder and call the office. 

2. You may shower after removing the bandage applied the day of surgery (leave bandage in place for 24-48 hours) -  do not scrub the surgical site - gentle soap and water is okay.

3. For facial and scalp surgery: Do not bend over for 2 days and use 2 pillows to sleep for 2 nights.

4. Please note: Swelling and/or bruising may be visible below the surgical sit due to gravity's pull. This may be a normal part of wound healing a few days after surgery.

5. Do not do any heavy lifting or workout exercises UNTIL SUTURES OR STAPLES ARE REMOVED. No sit-ups, jogging, running, free-weight lifting, swimming, racquet ball, tennis, aerobics, golf, bowling, or speed-walking. You may walk at a normal pace. You may resume these activities after your suture/staple removal appointment.

6. If the procedure is in an area where you shave, do not shave within 2 inches of surgical site.

7. TED/Compression stocking instructions: If a TED/Compression stocking is applied, leave it in place until the morning. Following the dressing change, reapply the stocking and leave it on during the day. Remove the stocking at bedtime. Continue to wear the stocking until the sutures are removed.

8. During your surgery, your surgeon may have used am underlying layer of sutures, which are normally absorbed by the body. In some instances, the suture material may not be absorbed and you may need to come back for a follow-up visit. If you notice an acne-like bump or pimple forming along or in the suture line, as late as 2-8 weeks after your surgery, it may be the absorbable suture not being absorbed, and we would like you to call the office and make an appointment. An additional result of the procedure may be a slight raising or puckering at the edges of the surgical area due to overzealous healing at the surgery site. This may occurs several weeks after the sutures have been removed. If you notice this, please call our office and make an appointment.

9. 2 weeks after excision (after sutures are removed if external sutures) can use silicone gel or silicone tape to reduce scar appearance. For silicone gel massage into scar twice daily for up to 12 weeks. For silicone tape apply to scar and leave in place until it falls off then apply a new piece. Silicone tape is recommended to be used for excision site with substantial tension or movement (chest, shoulders, lower legs) use for 12 weeks.

If you have concerns for bleeding or infection please call the office for a wound check. If you develop an urgent/emergent concern that cannot wait to be assessed in the office, please seek urgent/emergent evaluation at an available urgent care or emergency room.

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