Post-operative Instructions for Excision Surgery

Caring for surgical site:  

Keep pressure bandage on for at least 24hrsdo not get wet. 

(IF you have Micro-mend instead of top sutures, skip to next section) 

*Before beginning wound care, wash hands with antibacterial soap* 

  • Carefully clean surgical site with a gentle soap or hydrogen peroxide  
  • Apply over-the-counter Vaseline or Aquaphor healing ointment to site with a Q-tip  
  • Cover surgical site with new band aid (gauze & tape may be necessary)  
  • Repeat steps daily  

It is important to keep the surgical site moist and covered with band aid to insure healing. 

Micro-mend or Hemigard ONLY 

Keep pressure bandage on for at least 24hrsdo not get wet. 

-Micro-mend: once band aid is removed, no further wound care. Do not use ointment.  

**Micro-mend should stay in place for at least 1 week, if falls off prior notify our office 

-Hemigard: It is important to keep site completely dry until removed by our office 

What to Expect:  

-You may experience mild discomfort once the local anesthetic wears off (about 1-2hrs). If necessary, pain can be managed with Tylenol or an NSAID (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen)  

-Mild drainage on the band aid  

**If site becomes warm to the touch, green discharge, or foul order, notify our office 

-Redness around the edges of the surgical site (no more than ½ inch) 

**If redness continues to spread outward (> ½ inch) notify our office 

-Slight bleeding, swelling and/or bruising  

**If actively bleeding, apply firm pressure for 15mins without lifting, if continues, notify our office 

-The provider uses an underlying layer of sutures which is absorbed by the body within weeks.

 **In some instances, the suture may not be absorbed, if you notice an acne-like bump or pimple forming along or in the suture line, as late as 2-8 weeks after surgery, notify our office 

What to Avoid (for 4-6weeks): 

-First 2 days following surgery: NO smoking, ingestion of alcohol, no aspirin (unless prescribed) 

-If procedure was done in an area where you shave, do not shave within 2 inches of surgical site 

-Facial/scalp procedures, first 2 days: sleep upright using at least 2 pillows and limit bending 

-No swimming in ponds, pools, or lakes/ocean while sutures are in 

-No heavy lifting (over 10lbs) or workout exercises  

-No jogging, running, speed walking, free-weight lifting, tennis, racquet ball, aerobics, golf, bowling, etc.  


-If on blood thinners: you may purchase over-the-counter Wound Seal Powder in case of bleeding 

-To reduce scar appearance: you may purchase silicon scar gel or tape to begin 2 weeks after surgery.  

-Silicone gel: massage into scar twice daily for up to 12 weeks.  

-Silicone tape: apply to area, leave in place until it falls off, repeat as needed for up to 12weeks.  

Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or concerns, 419-473-3257 opt 3.  

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