Post Biopsy Instructions

A biopsy is a type of procedure that removes a small sample of skin to test for different types of rashes, skin lesions, abnormal moles, and skin cancers. 

A biopsy is a tool used to help diagnose it is not meant as a treatment. 


  • You may experience mild discomfort when the local anesthetic wears off in 45-60mins. If necessary, pain can be managed with Ibuprofen or Tylenol.  
  • Keep biopsy site covered with band aid and dry for the first 24hrs.  
  • After 24hrs remove band aid. Gently wash with mild soap. Pat to dry.  
  • Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor healing ointment – cover with band aid.  
  • Shave biopsy (no sutures), it may take 4 weeks to fully heal.  
  • Keep moist with Vaseline – scabs delay wound healing  
  • Avoid swimming in ponds or lakes for 48hours. Clean pool water is fine.  
  • Punch biopsy (sutures are present), keep covered with ointment and band aid until sutures are removed (other than showers). 
  • Avoid swimming until sutures are removed 

What to expect: 

  • Slight discomfort/pain 
  • Minimal bleeding  
  • If persistent bleeding, apply firm pressure with a clean cloth or gauze for 15-20mins to stop the bleeding. If bleeding continues call our office to speak with nurse.  
  • Redness around the site 
  • Slight drainage (yellowish/white color)  
  • If you experience a fever, red streaks from the area, or foul odor, please give the office a call immediately to speak with a nurse. 

Results may take up to 7-10days to get back. If results are abnormal, a nurse will call within 2 weeks. No news is good news. If you do not hear from our office within 2weeks, you may call our office at 419.473.3257 option 3, to go over results with nurse.  

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